Neira Nene

Name: Neira / age: 18 / DOB: oct 26
I'm cool, calm, collective
Jamaican. West Indian. Irish.
From New York
Loves art, music, fashion, design, cultures.





If Steve Smith were to release an album, I would buy it, not one song would be illegally downloaded. 

what the fuck man, that was amazing

Dead ass he needs to drop an album


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Love Jones


In honor of throwback Thursday, we have put together a list of r&b songs from the 90s and early 00s. If you want to sit and relax or sing your heart out, then this is perfect for you. There might even be a few songs that you can put on your Valentine’s Day playlist.

  1. Someone to Love You - Ruff…

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Kids today won’t ever know the struggle of downloading a song from Limewire and getting Bill Clinton